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A restaurant specializing in pizza.


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Tonight was my first experience ordering from Fresco Pizza & Grill, and overall the food was delicious. It was about a 45min-1hr delivery time frame due to being in the next town over, but the food was still nice and hot when it arrived.
I ordered a grilled veggie sandwich and it was fully loaded with the ingredients listed and the broccoli and the added hot peppers really stood out.
My boyfriend decided to go with a large pizza steak under the assumption a regular size might be a 6in roll.
When he opened his small pizza box there was, what seemed to be, two 8in rolls filled with steak, cheese and sauce. He said it tasted a lot better than where we normally order from and loved how much he got for the price.
We also decided to go with some steak cut fries-my absolute favorite- and although they appeared a little dry, it was nothing some ketchup couldn't fix which they kindly threw in our bag without having to ask.
Overall, the food was delicious and I believe we've found our new place to order from, as long as they continue to deliver down here, and I'll be sure to order from them when I'm at work in KOP.
I also appreciate whoever was entering our order, they called to verify what was added in the notes to make sure it would be correct.


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I got a pepperoni stromboli. It was rectangular and kind of small, which I wasn't used to. Around where I live they all have a crescent shape. But man was it THICK. Almost no crust around the edges either, tons of filling. A little on the expensive side (based on where I live), but I'd say it's worth it. They also put a sheet of tin foil down under it, so the grease doesn't soak through the box. If you're like me, you looked into this place online. Yelp says it's closed, it's not. That might be way this place doesn't have a whole lot of reviews, because people are unsure if the business is really open. I will definitely be ordering again.


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If I could give them 10 stars, I would. They delivered my food and I wasn't able to get it as I was in a meeting. The driver waited 20 MINUTES before he left. When I called after, they were so polite and not rude at all, and they sent my order back. Most people may not think that's great service, but I've had people tell me off cause I called back to say they forgot my silverwear. So the service is GREATLY appreciated!! I will DEFIANTLY order from them again...


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THANK YOU for good, timely food. I really appreciate it. I wanted to order from you guys again from home but unfortunately I think I was too far to meet the min. amount. You wouldnt believe how hard it is to find decent ravioli.

I order the ravioli pretty much all the time and it's always good. Garlic bread is tasty too and their salad is fresh. I highly recommend their pastas because they can do them right.


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More food than I expected, about 15 minutes early. They even threw in a croissant bread stick, which was a bit cold but tasty. The meatball sub was hot and freshnot soggyand tasted great. Slightly different flavors than I'm used to in a meatball sub, almost a little sweet and pretty light-tasting. Also, i was expecting I haven't tried the salad yet, but it's big and looks fresh.

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